Council of Deans

Ken Burtis (chair)
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Helene Dillard
Dean, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Prasant Mohapatra
Vice Provost - Graduate Eductation - Dean, Graduate Studies

Peter Wainwright
Interim Dean, College of Biological Sciences

Kevin Johnson
Dean, School of Law

Michael Lairmore
Dean, Veterinary Medicine

Jennifer Curtis
Dean, College of Engineering

Paul Hastings
Interim Dean, School of Education

Cameron Carter
Interim Vice Chancellor, Office of Research

Julie Freischlag
Vice Chancellor Designate, School of Medicine

   Elizabeth Spiller
      Dean, College of Letters & Science

    MacKenzie Smith
       University Librarian

Carolyn Thomas
Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education

Heather Young
Dean, School of Nursing

Rao Unnava
Dean, Graduate School of Management

Paul McNeil
Dean, UC Davis Extension