Provost / Senate Chairs Committee

Ken Burtis (co-chair)
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Rachael Goodhue (co-chair)
Chair, Academic Senate Office

Edwin Arevalo
Executive Director, Academic Senate Office

Rida Farouki
Chair, CAP

Prasant Mohapatra
Vice Provost, Graduate Education & Dean, Graduate Studies

Jon Rossini
Vice Chair, Academic Senate

Cam Carter
Interim Vice Chancellor, Research

Karl Mohr
Assistant Exeuctive Vice Chancellor

Robert Powell
Chair, Committee on Planning & Budget

Joanna Regulska
Vice Provost for Global Affairs

Viji Murali
CIO & Vice Provost-Information & Educational Technology

Nicole Baumgarth
Chair, Graduate Council

Edward Caswell-Chen
Chair, Undergraduate Council

Maureen Stanton
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Carolyn Thomas
Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education

Diana Davis
Chair, Committee on Research

    Andrea Fascetti
       Chair, Committee on Committees

    Bruce Haynes
      Affirmative Action and Diversity

    Mark Rashid
      Chair, Admissions & Enrollment