Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

diversity and inclusion


Adela de la Torre, Committee Chair, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus

David Acosta, Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Diversity and Community Engagement,

Linda Bisson, UC Davis ADVANCE Associate Director, Professor and Maynard A. Amerine Endowed Chair, Viticulture and Enology,

Suad Joseph, Distinguished Professor, Anthropology/Faculty Adviser to the Chancellor,

Sally McKee, Professor of History,

Karen McDonald, Faculty Director and Co-Principal Investigator, ADVANCE, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Science,

Karen Nikos-Rose, Associate Director of News and Media Relations, Strategic Communications,

Susan Park, Ombuds (ex-officio, non-voting)

Emily Prieto-Tseregounis, Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity,

Rahim Reed, Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Campus Community Relations,

Rich Shintaku, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources,

Ralph Washington, Jr., Chair, Graduate Student Association,

Mariah Kala Watson, President, ASUCD,

Laura Van Winkle, Chair, Academic Federation,

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Staff

Elizabeth Bishay, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Student Affairs,

Laura Cerruti, Analyst, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative,

Brittany Derieg, Project Manager, Student Affairs,

Dillon Hanna, Undergraduate Student Assistant,

Thomas O’Donnell, Graduate Student Researcher, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative,

Chancellor Linda Katehi appointed a senior-level committee in 2014 to develop a strategic plan on Diversity and Inclusion for the 2020 Initiative and the UC Davis 21st Century visioning project. Professor Suad Joseph, Distinguished Professor and Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor, chairs the committee. The plan is anticipated to be completed by June 2016.

Working extensively with faculty, students, staff and the community the committee will articulate the goals and strategies that will guide UC Davis into the future to create an environment where all members of the campus community have an opportunity to be creative and productive, and to work, study and learn in a way that allows all to reach their full potential.  The plan will move the university towards its goal of inclusive excellence as an institution of higher education. 

Steering Committee

The chair of the committee appointed nine members of the full committee to a steering committee, which meets weekly in an effort to guide the full committee in accomplishing the activities that are essential to attain the project outcomes.

Working Groups

Working groups were created in 2014 to ensure broad representation of constituencies and issues, and to facilitate discussion and action. Each has two co-facilitators, members from the full committee, and other members from the campus community. A primary role for the working groups is to engage their constituencies for meaningful participation in the development of the plan.

Current Working Groups:

  • Regional Stakeholders: Suad Joseph, Chair
  • Undergraduate Students: Mariah Kala Watson, Chair
  • Graduate and Professional Students and Post Docs: Ralph Washington Jr., Chair
  • Academic Senate: Sally McKee, Chair
  • Academic Federation: Laura Van Winkle, Chair
  • Staff: Rich Shintaku, Chair

Advisory Groups:

  • Pipeline: Rahim Reed, Chair
  • Data: Suad Joseph, Chair
  • Communications: Karen Nikos-Rose, Chair
  • and Campus Diversity

Campus and Community Dialogue and Engagement

The process to develop a strategic plan for diversity and inclusion will involve extensive conversations with as many stakeholders as possible. Engagement will occur at the committee and workgroup levels, and through extensive activities conducted by workgroups and staff with faculty, staff, students, alumni, communities and other external constituents.  Please contact for more information about campus and community dialogue and engagement plans and activities.

Comments and Ideas

Ideas and proposals can be submitted electronically via the dedicated email address:

News and Updates

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Additional Information

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