Blue Ribbon Committee on Enhancing the Undergraduate Student Experience


In December 2012, at the request of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Adela de la Torre established the Blue Ribbon Committee for Enhancing the Undergraduate Student Experience (BRC). This report presents the BRC's recommendations for enhancing the experience of undergraduates as they pursue the timely completion of the baccalaureate degree. The recommendations address four key areas that frame the undergraduate experience:

  1. Advising
  2. First-Year Experience
  3. Academic and Career Experiences
  4. Student Life and Co-Curricular Experiences

The report proposes corresponding recommendations for programmatic support within these four areas to fulfill the following targeted aims:

  1. Identify challenges and opportunities to improve the student experience.
  2. Propose approaches to address the challenges and opportunities.
  3. Develop recommendations for implementation of these approaches.
  4. Provide metrics to ensure we serve students as effectively and efficiently as possible.