Embrace Global Issues

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UC Davis will be the university of choice for international students, post-doctoral scholars, faculty, prestigious international and governmental exchange programs and research enterprises that have trans-national and global applications.

In advancing this goal, we will:

Extend our recognition as a leading international university by both increasing the number of international faculty, scholars and students on the campus, and the number of UC Davis students and faculty who pursue academic experiences abroad; we will do this as a means of promoting a culture of global relevance and collaboration and we will benchmark these efforts with other top-tier research universities

  • Evaluate the resource and infrastructure needs essential to attracting, retaining and supporting students from all corners of the globe; acknowledge the role of the curriculum in fostering the study and appreciation of diverse cultures, communities, literatures and languages that promote a global perspective
  • Develop student retention strategies and programs, as well as cultural communities of support, to ensure the graduation of international students
  • Substantially increase the number of undergraduate students who participate annually in study abroad programs, international internships and public service learning opportunities; develop joint, collaborative international graduate programs

Launch strategic academic and clinical health care research partnerships that are recognized for their contributions to critical global challenges; engage UC Davis faculty from specific countries or regions in the development of these efforts

  • Enhance UC Davis’ prominence and funding capacity by establishing it as one of the top universities in terms of financial support received from governmental agencies, foundations and philanthropies that support international programs

Strengthen and expand the international alumni network and related global business connections to promote engagement with UC Davis and our international programs

Provide the technologic tools, cultural programs and student services to improve and expand international dialogue and exchange, both physically and virtually

METRICS: We will measure our success in achieving this goal by assessing:

  • The number, quality and financial support for prestigious international academic programs, proposed and created on an annual basis
  • Increases in the number of international undergraduate and graduate students who enroll in and graduate from UC Davis
  • The number of international scholars who choose to study and conduct research annually at UC Davis, as compared with benchmark indicators from competitive peer institutions
  • The number of students who participate annually in study abroad programs, international internships and public service opportunities
  • The number of international alumni with meaningful engagements in the educational and philanthropic activities of the campus