Implementing Our “Vision of Excellence”


Our “Vision of Excellence” is an ambitious framework for action for the coming decade, one that is intended to inspire a certain future of distinction and contribution for our university. As a framework, it also serves as a broad blueprint for individual academic and administrative units, for their own respective development of relevant objectives. Indeed, it is these targeted objectives that will allow us all to see application and meaning in this vision, and it is through the attainment of these objectives that UC Davis will move forward, individually and collectively, to achieve our aspirations.

During the upcoming 2010-11 academic year, each of our academic and administrative units will create its own set of corresponding goals, strategies and metrics.  We will rely on the guidance of our deans and vice chancellors, in continuing consultation with their constituencies, to design and complete this effort.  Similarly, annual reporting and communication processes will be developed and implemented, both for these unit-level goals and for the vision document as a whole, so that we may utilize our data and annual accomplishments to chronicle long-term progress.  In this way, our “Vision of Excellence” will remain at the forefront of our planning, our priorities, our public role and character, and our constructive actions.

It is important to acknowledge that a number of the goals and strategies defined in the vision framework are already underway. Indeed, we are moving forward in assessing the effectiveness of several of our campuswide administrative organizations (e.g., Blue Ribbon Committee on Tech Transfer and CommercializationBlue Ribbon Committee on Research), in designing an “Organizational Excellence” initiative that will help us strategically reshape our business processes, in considering the future scope and structure of our academic enterprise through the Academic Senate-led committee on the “The Future of UC Davis” and in launching our “Sustainable 2nd Century” program, which celebrates UC Davis’ long-term commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability. We will continue to advance these and many more opportunities that will yield renewed and leading-edge excellence, and we will use our vision as both context and compass for our efforts.

Looking forward, we will remain mindful of the difficulties of our current financial environment. But even in the midst of this budgetary uncertainty, we are determined to make sustained progress. Our “Vision of Excellence” is a product of our collective commitment to the university and, in its implementation, we have dreamed our future and are taking actions to realize its promise.