Vision of Excellence

A Message from Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Chancellor Linda Katehi

As we begin our second century, UC Davis is poised to become one of the world’s great universities as it stays true to its mission to advance the human condition through improving the quality of life for all. We are already regarded as an institution with an extraordinary foundation of academic excellence and global impact. And in the coming years, we have enormous potential to build on these strengths and rise to even greater heights of distinction, scholarship and service.

In just my first year as chancellor, our faculty, staff, students and alumni have clearly articulated their desire to build on UC Davis’ unique capacity to excel in order to achieve an extraordinary future. But to realize this aspiration, to transform our university, we must chart a new course of action, an equally transformative vision to guide our actions and define our future. During the past year, I have spoken with many members of the UC Davis community and I have heard their many perspectives about our campus’s attributes and aspirations. From these many voices, a framework for UC Davis’ future has emerged. Aided by the comments and suggestions we have received from our campus community and external constituencies, we have developed “UC Davis: A Vision of Excellence,” to lead and inspire our collective journey for the next decade.

As we begin this journey, we must acknowledge the difficult economic circumstances of the present, even as we aspire to embrace the extraordinary opportunities of the future. I realize that achieving and maintaining this balance will be a challenge. But we cannot and must not neglect our responsibilities for today as a land-grant institution, or compromise our dreams for tomorrow — our dreams for our students, who deserve nothing less than access to a world-class education, and our dreams for a thriving California populace, whose well-being is so intricately woven with our own.

To all members of the extended UC Davis community, I ask you join me in this spirit of optimism. Embrace this ambitious vision for our university. Working together, we are certain to achieve a truly extraordinary, second century of excellence.

Linda P.B. Katehi